We are now in the last week of our Campus Renovation Campaign. Of the total of nearly 400,000 NOK donated to our Campus Renovation Campaign so far, approximately 162,000 comes from graduates of our College. We are nearly two-thirds of the way to our target of 600,000 NOK and for alumni participation we are almost halfway to our target of 250 donations.

The Leif Høegh Foundation has informed us that they will support the Renovation Work annually with 200.000 NOK for a period of 5 years. The alumni generations of 97/98 and 06/07 are jointly making a contribution in excess of 40.000 NOK. The start of the campaign nicely coincided with the announcement that we will receive extra funding from the Norwegian state for the necessary extra maintenance work coming up. This support from the state is an encouragement for others who have benefited from two formative years in Flekke to join in to the benefit of the coming generations. Every gift matters and is eligible for Davis matching which doubles the amount of any donation made.



If you would like to donate using Vipps or Paypal, click here.

Download the pdf,  to get a detailed overview of the need and costs.

Please make a contribution for the well being of the future generations of our students.