I graduated less than a year ago and I’ve already managed to get so many experiences in that time. In August I moved to a studio apartment in Oslo and start a bachelor in screenwriting and playwriting and quickly got a part time job at a concert venue. It was election-season in Norway, so on my spare time I visited schools and campaigned for my political party. I was also on my party’s list of candidates in my small hometown located in the western part of Norway, but I never expected to get into the city council. However, I did and it’s great. I’m learning so much and it is nice to have an excuse to go home and visit friends and family.

My plan was always to study law. I’ve been interested in politics all my life and most of the politicians around me studied law or something similar, like international relations, economics or maybe even psychology. Therefore, I assumed that was what I should do as well. However, if I then had to use my spare time doing politics, what would happen to all my other interest, like theatre and music. I’ve always had a huge interest in this, but I never considered making a career out of it or even study it until my last years of secondary education when I realized I actually hate doing homework and would rather spend my time playing music and doing theatre. I’ve also never really been much of an actor, so I knew I didn’t want to go to acting school. Therefore, I applied to a bachelor’s degree in screenwriting and playwriting and spent more time on the application than studying for my exams and it all worked out great.

One of my concerns was that I wouldn’t be taken seriously among my co-politicians because I would just have a fine arts degree. I can’t disprove this concern entirely yet because I’ve been doing this for less than a year, but my impression is that for non-politicians, I’m much more relatable because I can use a language they understand and I have the ability the imagine everyone’s point of view because I’m in theory is studying people, places and interactions which is a huge advantage, or at least I think it would be, let’s see what the future brings, weather I have a career in arts, politics or changes my mind and end up doing something completely different.

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