Extra-Academics Overview

Friday ball games provides an end-of-week opportunity for exercise

A distinguishing feature of UWC is the devotion of its staff and students to the extra-academic programme (EAP) . In addition to the high academic standards, a strong emphasis on community service and a wide range of cultural and outdoor activities are all part of the challenge and excitement of a UWC education.

At UWC Red Cross Nordic students and staff from many different nationalities and backgrounds form a vibrant and enthusiastic community as they work on projects together. We take pride in  the depth and variety of our programme, with a strong student ownership and sense of responsibility.

Our programme focuses on the three pillars of the College: Humanitarian, Environmental and Nordic, with  regular weekly sessions, special events, and informal activities.

In the music room overlooking the fjord. A peaceful place to make a joyful noise

Coastal skin diving

Ice climbing