UWC Refugee Initiative Partners

For many years UWC has educated refugees from conflict hotspots like Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Western Sahara, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Tibet, Colombia and Guatemala. On average around 5% of our students in the IB Diploma years come from a refugee, displaced or persecuted background and benefit from full scholarship provision at one of the UWC schools and colleges.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

On 15 May 2017, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and UWC (United World Colleges) entered into a Cooperation Agreement to support refugees and internally displaced persons to access secondary education opportunities, under the UWC Refugee Initiative. This initiative provides young refugees and internally displaced persons the possibility of study at the 17 UWC secondary schools and colleges teaching the International Baccalaureate Diploma.
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For all holiday goers: if you book your accommodation through Hotels.com, you will support the UWC Refugee Initiative and contribute towards funding 100 additional scholarships per year for refugee students to study at one of the 17 UWC schools and colleges.
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Stichting Caruda Foundation

Stichting Careduca FoundationCareduca-UWC Scholarship Programme. The Careduca Foundation was established in 2018. The Foundation believes in the vision that good education always creates better opportunities and the conviction that every child has the right to education. It is therefore the wish to give as many young people as possible the chance for a good and healthy future. The focus will be on children from those countries where children are deprived of education due to poverty or conflict. The Careduca-UWC Scholarship Programme will provide two scholarships for refugee students from 2019 to study at UWC and provide them with the opportunities to become changemakers in their communities.

Horizon Foundation

The Horizon Foundation, founded in 2004 by Patrick and Kirkland Smulders, provides scholarships for deserving students from the Middle East and Asia. After supporting scholars at four UWC colleges individually, in 2016 the Horizon Foundation decided to expand the partnership and together with UWC International started a Horizon-UWC Scholars Programme targeting refugee students, young people from conflict zones and other students coming from underprivileged/marginalised backgrounds. There are 21 Horizon-UWC Scholars enrolled in one of the UWC schools or colleges for the 2016/17 academic year with plans being developed to expand the program and reach out to more deserving young people affected by conflicts.

Aurora-UWC Gratitude Scholarship Programme

In 2015, the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative, in conjunction with the Near East Foundation, launched the Aurora-UWC Gratitude Scholarship Programme, an initiative established in gratitude to the people from countries who offered shelter and food to those displaced by the Armenian Genocide more than a century ago. The Gratitude Scholarship Programme, a $7 million initiative, will support 100 students affected by conflict, displacement and poverty by offering them the opportunity to study at one of the 17 UWC schools and colleges worldwide. The students that form part of this program are known as the “Aurora-UWC Scholars”.

Big Heart Foundation

TBHF-UWC Scholarship Programme. The Big Heart Foundation (TBHF) is a philanthropic foundation officially established in May 2015, proceeded by various initiatives and campaigns launched by Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher Bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, Wife of His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah and Chairperson of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs. The

Foundation’s mandate is to protect and empower vulnerable children and their families in vulnerable situations across the world. Since then, TBHF has provided health, education and emergency aid services – among others – to over 3 million people in need in more than 20 countries. The TBHF-UWC Scholarship Programme provides two scholarships to Palestinian youth from low-opportunity backgrounds who will be given the opportunity to study at UWC and will be equipped with the skills to become change makers and future leaders.

Bianca Vetter Foundation

Bianca Vetter FoundationBVF-UWC Scholarship Programme. The Bianca Vetter Foundation works at home and abroad, wherever help is needed, and supports established organisations by funding their promising projects. The foundation focuses on partnerships and highlights sustainability as one of their principles for working with established organisations.

The BVF-UWC Scholarship programme will provide scholarships for four refugee students from 2018-2021 to study at UWC as part of the UWC Refugee Initiative. The lack of access to education is a major problem for young refugees and persecuted persons. The school drop-out rate is 5 times higher than normal for refugees and with the scholarship programme we hope to provide opportunities for success.

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