UWC Refugee Initiative Partners


UWC has educated refugees from conflict hotspots for many years. In 2016, we decided to take our commitment a step forward with the launch of the UWC Refugee Initiative.

We set ourselves the ambitious target of providing 100 scholarships per year for young refugees and displaced youth to attend one of 18 UWC schools worldwide.

Four years later, we are almost halfway there with nearly 50 new refugee scholars enrolling at UWC each year. This makes it the largest secondary education scholarship programme for young refugees in the world.

The young people who join our community already have outstanding talent and resilience. At UWC, they are also receiving a world-class education. An education that inspires them to become changemakers, fighting for a more peaceful and just future. These amazing young people are teaching us so much as well. And every day, they’re strengthening our determination to do more to help others.