How to Apply

Students mainly apply through UWC’s unique National Committee system.

Who can apply?

Although strong academic achievement is valued highly, our ethos compels us to think more broadly about the knowledge and skills that will shape our students as whole persons. As a transformational experience a UWC education empowers students to become leaders in social responsibility, inspiring them to affect change personally, locally, nationally and internationally.

Students interested in the pre-university IB Diploma will normally be aged between 15 and 17 years old at the application stage and have already completed 10 or 11 years of formal education. Students have to be over 16 when they start at our College. Academic requirements vary from country to country.

The teaching language is English.

We recommend that students are physically and emotionally robust if considering the two-year UWC Red Cross Nordic programme – given our climate on the west coast of Norway.

For information about the Admissions Policy of UWC RCN, please click here.

For information from the UWC International Office about the process of applying, please click here.

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