Health and Wellness

Sunniva Alme College nurse

The College’s Care Centre is staffed with a public health nurse. The Care Centre is open each school day and is situated in the middle of the residential buildings for easy access.

The nearest doctors are in Dale (a 15km drive) and the nearest hospital is in Førde (one hour’s drive away). Students are advised to attend to non-urgent medical treatments at home during vacation periods. A psychologist visits as part of the College’s pastoral support system.

At the start of the College term, routine health checks are made.

Life at the College can be intense and students may undergo emotional challenges triggered by leaving home, studying in a language which is not their own and personal demands. To support students through all of this the College has a number of people and structures in place and encourage students to talk with their House Mentor, Advisor or nurse.

In order to create a balanced lifestyle, students are encouraged to ensure they receive adequate sleep, regular physical exercise and time for reflection.

A student voice

Classes here can be very demanding. But what separates UWC the most from other school systems is not the amount of homework or the pace of the class, but being in a school with people completely different from oneself. Talking to other students about their culture is very different from simply reading about it in a book at school at home. That is to me what makes UWC something special.