Out in the hills
At UWC Red Cross Nordic we encourage students to experience and explore the nordic concept of “friluftsliv” (literally; “free air life”), a way of thinking of oneself as part of – and embedded within – our natural surroundings

The physical situation of RCN between the fjord and the mountains is conducive to enabling  reflection on how we, embedded within our social contexts, experience and make sense of connections to natural phenomena. Friluftsliv activities promote awareness of the value of experiences in a natural setting that are “simple in means and rich in ends”. 

We encourage students to connect with the landscape beyond the campus as both part of our commitment to our Environmental Pillar and to developing each individual student during their time at the UWC Red Cross Nordic.

A student voice

UWC is an opportunity to know about others, share what you know and have one of the most amazing experiences of your life

RCN ’18-’20