Student Village

Living together in a student room in the village

Living together in a student room

More than 200 students from over 85 countries live together in the Student Village. There are five student residences, each with a ‘dayroom’ designed to create a comfortable living environment. Each student lives in a room with four others and shares the house with 39 students from different cultural and social backgrounds. Each room has its own bathroom facilities. There is a central laundry situated in the middle of the Student Village.

Students are responsible for their own daily life, which includes looking after themselves, their room and their House. At the core of the UWC Red Cross Nordic programme is a need for students to be conscious about their personal well-being on the one hand, and the well-being of the community on the other. Students are guided by House Mentors who live close by in the Student Village and also their own Advisor.

A student voice

Classes here can be very demanding. But what separates UWC the most from other school systems is not the amount of homework or the pace of the class, but being in a school with people completely different from oneself. Talking to other students about their culture is very different from simply reading about it in a book at school at home. That is to me what makes UWC something special.