Staff and students at the ski event. It's hard not to admire how quickly they make friends...

Ridderrennet is an annual international ski competition for the disabled. It takes place in Beitostølen, with participants and guests from around the world. The College sends not only our own disabled students as participants in the competitions, but also a group of students and staff as volunteers to help out at the event. They provide assistance as needed by the event organizers and also perform an international cultural show.

A student voice

Being woken early in the morning by a Swiss, brushing your teeth standing next to a Dane, hurrying to class in the morning rush hour with an Uzbek, sitting next to an Angolan in class, being taught Economics by a Guatemalan, going to a Ghanaian to clear confusions in Maths, going for a run with a Brazilian; all these are little things that make this place beautiful. This place is special.