Management Teams

Central Management Team

Hege Myhre – Rektor
Hege Myhre joined UWC Red Cross Nordic as a Rector in 2020, after having served 15 years of leadership at Kongsberg International School, the last five as the Head of School.

Since 2005 Hege has been part of the IB network, acting as an IB consultant as well as an IB Chair for synchronized CIS/IB/NEASC/WASC visits. Hege has taught students from MYP to University level, and her specialised focus on active student participation and student-led curriculum design has resulted in working projects with schools and industry in Canada, North America, Europe and Asia. Combining her passion for holistic education and student leadership with structured action research studies, Hege has helped to reshape leadership structures in several educational institutions in different cultures.

Hege is the first Norwegian Rektor at UWC Red Cross Nordic and she believes that its three pillars – Humanitarian, Environmental and Nordic – are essential in further development of the college and the experience the students have at RCN.

Jo Loiterton – Deputy Rektor
Originally from Australia,  Jo is the Deputy Rektor at RCN,  and also teaches IB Psychology. Jo is both an educator and a psychologist and holds advanced degrees in music education, educational leadership and psychology from the University of Sydney,  University of New South Wales, University of New England and Charles Sturt University.

Jo has worked in international schools for the past 15 years in both Asia and Europe as counselor, college counselor, teacher and school administrator.  She believes that education is a tool for building a positive future and that every opportunity presented to us, is an opportunity to learn and grow together.

In her spare time Jo likes to hike and be in the outdoors, or tucked up in front of a fire with her knitting, her ukulele, or a good book (or not-so-good but equally fulfilling science fiction or fantasy novel). Jo is joined at RCN by her husband Mark, who teaches Theatre and Language & Literature.

Arne Osland – Director of Development
Arne Osland is Director of Development at UWC Red Cross Nordic. With a background as a teacher of Scandinavian Languages and Literature, Arne is a firm believer in the principle of educating the whole person and in seeing diversity as a valuable resource for educational practices. After completing his Masters in Nordic Language and Literature at Oslo University in 1991, Arne worked as a teacher and house parent at UWC Atlantic College in the UK, before becoming a teacher and later Extra Academic Director at RCN. Arne is married to Inger Johanne and has two grown up children, Erlend and Ine.

Ola Hovland – Chief Operating Officer
Ola Hovland is Chief Operating Officer at UWC Red Cross Nordic. With a background as leader for public and private companies for more than 25 years focusing on communication and teamwork, Ola works for our staff to provide the highest level of service to each other, students and partners. He is doing this with a strong affinity to the UWC mission. Ola has a Bachelor degree in Business Administration and further education at master’s level within organizational development. He has been working for about 10 years as financial director within industry and oil service companies before a 9 year period as Director of Finance and Services for UWC RCN. He started in his position as COO in spring 2016 after a period of nearly 9 years as CEO for the municipality. Ola is married to Ingunn Hilde and has four children.

Leonora Laukeland Kleiven – Daily Leader of UWC Connect
Leonora Laukeland Kleivenis the Daily Leader of UWC Connect, a daughter company of UWC Red Cross Nordic. They are responsible for all College outdoor activities as well as running Camp School (Leirskule) and summer camps for the Red Cross and others. Leonora takes care of the economy, marketing, development work and not the least that all visitors have a good experience!

She has a master’s degree in Macro Economics from the Norwegian School of Economics and a course in Development Studies from Bergen University. Leonora is from Dale in Fjaler, where she lives with her two children and partner. She is fond of all kinds of outdoor activities and to create good experiences for other people.

Fredrik Gustafson – Operational Team Leader
Fredrik has the overall responsibility over maintenance, – cleaning, – IT, – and kitchen department. Fredrik grew up on the west coast of Sweden as has worked many years a chef, something that proves useful when communicating with the kitchen. Fredrik also has a master degree in mechanical engineering from Lund Institute of technology, which has taken him to both the oil and gas industry in Norway, as well as the nuclear industry in Sweden. At UWC, Fredrik believes in working close to his crew with everyday interactions. The background in heavy industry has given him a firm belief in routines and “order of things”, as well as an open mind to different opinions.

Fredrik is married to Solveig, and together they have two kids. The family lives in Hellevik in Fjaler municipality, but has a cabin in Sogndal where they enjoy skiing and hiking. Fredrik likes fishing, cutting wood, cars, computer and board games, and listens to heavy metal and Etta James.      

Education Management Team

Members include the Rektor, the Deputy Rektor and the following members of staff:

Natasha Lambert – Director of Academics
Natasha Lambert is the Director of Academics at UWC RCN. She teaches Spanish Ab Initio and Spanish B and has previously taught philosophy and TOK. Natasha grew up in the south west of the UK, studied Philosophy and Modern Languages at the University of Oxford and completed her PGCE at the University of Birmingham. She has taught in the UK, Canada (at UWC Pearson College), Nicaragua and Dubai, and has lived and worked in other roles in Spain, Argentina and the USA. Natasha was the house mentor for Finland House, and continues to live in the student village with her husband (now the Finland House house mentor) and her son, who is a happy and enthusiastic student at the Flekke Skule og Barnehage.

Natasha has a keen interest in politics and current affairs and was a leader and co-founder of a state-wide activism group in the USA. She enjoys literature, cooking and hiking, and she and her family take every opportunity they can to get outside and take advantage of the beautiful scenery of western Norway.

Madhulika Singh – Extra-Academic Director
Madhulika Singh is Extra-Academic Director at UWC RCN. She has a Master of Science and Master of Education. Madhulika began teaching at the College in 2009 in Biology and Environmental Systems & Societies. Previously she had worked for a long period at Bishop Cotton School (Shimla) and was involved in the setting up of three highly acclaimed schools in India. Madhulika is an active contributor to the IB as an examiner, moderator and IB Workshop leader for Computer Science, CAS and ESS. She is married to Ashok and they have two daughters Malvika and Aditi. Madhulika actively practices yoga and meditation, and has done since childhood. With her background in programming as a systems analyst and knowledge of ‘Dhyaan’ (yoga), she has developed a calm and positive solution-oriented approach to work and life.

Ashok Pratap Singh – Director of Residential Life
Ashok Pratap Singh is the Director of Residential Lifeat UWC Red Cross Nordic. He has a Master of Science, a Master of Education and a Diploma in Management. Ashok started his professional career as a teacher and later Housemaster and Head of Sciences at Bishop Cotton School, India, before moving on to the new Indo-European Sagar School, the Pathways World School. He then stepped in as Principal of Sanskriti Residential School. He decided to join the UWC movement to be able to challenge and be challenged by the young bright sparks from different countries. In 2007, he came to UWC RCN as a Chemistry teacher. He soon found himself in the role of a House Mentor and, since 2016, Director of Residential Life.

Ashok’s motto is विज्ञानं यज्ञं तनुते (“specialized knowledge promotes creativity”). About his current role he says, “Being a House Mentor means living amidst a collage of colours, laughter, joy, triumphs, and challenges.”

Queen Sonja

I am glad that
our work in
setting up a
Nordic UWC here
in Fjaler succeeded.
You can feel
the warmth once
you come to campus,
and the College
is everything
we hoped it would be

Queen Sonja of Norway