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Like the rest of the world our school has been affected by Co-Vid19. Most students have left campus with around a quarter staying on. Even though we are spread around the world, we remain a coherent community. Thanks to our dedicated staff, teaching and learning continues on an online basis. Our students on and off campus are handling a demanding situation impressively well and are in good spirit. Some of our College activities and traditions have been renewed in surprising glocalized ways. You can read about some of them in our latest newsletter .

Like all colleges in the movement, we continue to monitor the situation in our surrounding area.  It is impossible to predict the trajectory of Co-Vid19 and its impact on the college. We remain committed to ensuring that our current students have as complete a UWC experience as possible, and to beginning the journey for a new generation of students. We aim, as much as we are able, to open as close to normal for the next school year and are putting many plans into place to welcome students back to campus safely.

Our students on campus will be offered a Home Away from Home in June, thanks to generous cooperation with local host families and the UWC network in Norway. Many of the students will go directly back to campus early in July, where we will create a special holiday program for them. Thanks to parents, alumni, national committees and all other supporters for their support in these uncertain times.

Sunniva Marie Roligheten (RCN ’17-’19)

April 30th, 2020|

A couple of weeks after grad, I started working on full time in Oslo in the national committee for Operation Day's Work (ODW). I missed the fjord, my roommates and basically everything about RCN, but I think I [...]

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