There will be many celebrations throughout the year at the College and in other locations, with the main events taking place on International Peace Day, 21st September.

Notice of celebratory events will be posted on this page.

Appointment of new Rektor

December 11th, 2019|

We have appointed Hege Myhre as the new Rektor for the College, starting in the school year beginning August 2020. There were many well qualified applicants for the [...]

Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony

December 11th, 2019|

War is the exemplification of hell on earth for all involved. I know it, because I have been there and come back. These were the words of the [...]

Ghulam Ali Doulat (’18-present)

December 11th, 2019|

Ghulam Ali Doulat was born in Afghanistan and raised in Pakistan. In 2001, his parents were forced to flee from their home country when the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan. Ghulam’s father was a solider in the defeated [...]

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Now, more than ever, the world needs future leaders and team players who know and understand one another and are determined to make a positive difference in their communities.

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