SOS Children’s Villages

Saye-Maye Cole (left) with students and SOS representative Vibeke Mortensen

SOS Alumnus Saye-Maye Cole (left) with students and Vibeke L’Orsa Mortensen

Signing the Agreement

Kristin Vinje, and Bente Lier signing the Memorandum of Understanding between UWC RCN and SOS Children’s Villages Norway.

Since the beginning in 1995, our College has been recruiting students with a background from the SOS Children’s Villages. By 2021 there have been more than 60 students and 20 countries involved in thisThrough their studies and daily life at UWC RCN, we seek to continue to foster the values of the SOS Children’s Villages:

– We take action.
Commitment – We keep our promises.
Trust – We believe in each other.
Accountability – We are reliable partners.

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