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Shelby Davis

Shelby Davis

The strategic objective of the Davis UWC Scholar Programme is to advance international understanding through education. The programme is built on two assumptions: 1) that promising future leaders from a broad range of cultures should be afforded greater educational opportunities and serve to accelerate global networking; 2) that these educational opportunities take place at leading U.S. colleges and universities, in the belief that these American schools will become more effective learning communities for all their students by becoming more internationally diverse and globally engaged.

By supporting students from many countries who are energized by the UWC mission of building understanding in active, personal ways, the programme exemplifies how diversity can contribute to a much richer education and to a more internationally oriented undergraduate experience for everyone on campus. Since 2000, the program has grown into the largest international scholarship programme for undergraduates in the world.

As graduates of UWC Red Cross Nordic, our students are eligible to apply for Davis United World College Scholarships at over 95 partner institutions in the US. We receive many admissions officers from these universities here on campus during the autumn.

Ten Guiding Beliefs of the Davis UWC Scholar Programme

  1. By bringing together promising students from diverse cultures and supporting their undergraduate educations at selected American colleges and universities, it is possible to create greater international understanding among the world’s future decision makers.
  2. It is possible to build cross-cultural understanding across campuses and ultimately throughout the world in this century.
  3. Greater opportunities for global engagement are essential for international understanding.
  4. Promising future leaders from all cultures should be given greater educational opportunities at American colleges and universities.
  5. American institutions of higher education could become better communities for learning if their student bodies became more internationally diverse and reflective of the real world around them.
  6. Fostering personal relationships between students who are different from one another will build an effective network of future leaders committed to mutual respect.
  7. Further internationalization of the undergraduate experience in the United States will contribute to our country strengthening its capacity to lead in the 21st century.
  8. Each individual scholar has the potential to further develop his or her own capacity to make the world a better place.
  9. Private philanthropy can be transformative.
  10. Philanthropic leadership can be used to leverage additional support for transformative impact.

For more information about the programme, please click here and here.

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