After having spent most of my summer traveling around Asia visiting friends and taking some time to reflect upon my UWC experience, I started studying Liberal Arts and Sciences at Leiden University College in The Hague.

Here I got involved in the UNICEF Student team, where I spend most of my time organizing different events ranging from movie nights to lectures, to raise awareness about our ongoing projects. Currently we are also raising money for the Maman Lumière project to prevent malnutrition in Burundi.

Since then I have also become youth ambassador for an NGO called ONE, which aims to eradicate extreme poverty and preventable diseases by 2030. This year we will be focusing on vaccination programs as well as the Dutch parliament elections of next year, to lobby for an increase of the international development budget.

One year after graduation I have come to realize that the UWC-life doesn’t end when we leave the Flekke bubble, it is only the start of another great adventure. My previous involvement in the Nature & Youth EAC and many other groups have definitely shaped me, and I have become more aware of what I want to do in the future. For next year I plan to major in Governance, Economics and Development, after which I hope to continue working with international organizations. To continue to work towards a better world in which everyone, in which everyone has equal opportunities.

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