Back from left : Pål Fidjestøl - Sparebanken Sogn og Fjordane; Ole Anders Hope - Sparebankstiftinga Fjaler; Arne Osland - UWC RCN; Torodd Helle - Helle Knife Factory; Richard Lamont - UWC RCN; Torunn Mattson - Sparebanken Sogn og Fjordane;    Front from left: Borghild Midtthun- HIFUS; Gunne Aase Moldestad -  Sparebanken Sogn og Fjordane; Linda Hovland - Fjaler Enterprise Development; Rune Dale - Dale Vidaregåande SkuleRepresentatives from Sparebankane Sogn & Fjordane and our local bank foundations today formally handed over a donation of 600.000 NOK earmarked for IB places for students from our county, a project starting in 2015, supported by Dale Videregåande School. Local businesses gave 400.000 NOK for the same project. A process of selection for these places will be held in spring 2015 in tandem with the Norwegian National Committee – for further information please contact our Admissions Department at

At the same time a group of 12 students were vising the local businesses Enoro and Maritim Montering, as a part of a short course for Young Entrepreneurs. This is all a dimension of our strategy for outreach in our local region. We are grateful for the opportunities this gives us for developing educational activities that combine the local and the international.