On Sunday the 18th of March, RCN hosted its third annual TEDx event. The talk was organized by RCN’s very own TEDx team, who spent the past academic year collaborating amongst themselves and organizing the event, in addition to reaching out to potential speakers from around the world.

Mandu Reid

The day was comprised of two sessions – one before lunch and one after. The first talk was by Helen from Germany, one of our student speakers, discussing her love for the natural world, and leaving everyone with the greatest urge to run out and, well, hug a tree! Following her was Salomé from Ecuador, with a moving speech entitled “Youthquake: A new perspective on youth activism”. The final speaker of the first block was Mandu, founder of ‘The Cup Effect’, presenting an empowering talk entitled “The little thing that’s a big deal”, exploring the harsh realities of period poverty in today’s society.

The second half of the day commenced with our third student speaker, Jorge, with his talk, “Changing how we fight: The new age of the war against drug trafficking”. Next, the auditorium was on the edge of their seats listening to Laura’s enticing stories of the adventure races in Denmark, and closing the show was an external speaker, Kayvon Asemani from the US, explaining “Why we should invest in each other”.

The live-streamed event transformed the College into a global stage and the eye-opening speeches were truly, ‘Ideas worth sharing’.