Generous donations from friends and supporters of the College this year have enabled eight first year students to receive new laptops to assist them with their studies. Every year a small number of students is supported in this manner and this year is no exception. Babba Laminou (Cameroon), Becky Ahikiriza (Uganda), Bernard Kenyi (South Sudan), Jacob Yath Deng Dau (South Sudan), Lee Yang (Cambodia), Mean Pring (Cambodia), Sumaya Said Salma (Western Sahara) and Telemos Zike (Ethiopia) received their laptops from Angie Toppan (Academic and Learning Support Coordinator) and Pete Wilson (Diploma Programme Coordinator). Past recipients of laptops have highlighted the difference this generosity made to their lives during their two year programme at the College.

Our thanks, and the thanks of all these students, to those who have made this possible.