Strategy 2020

Strategy 2020

‘Here is where we have students who are truly interesting and interested, staff who are really inspiring and inspired, and together we create an engaged and engaging community that actively cares and supports each other’s dreams and ambitions, for ourselves and for the world’ [student in the graduating class of 2015]

We are a unique college within the UWC, with our Nordic heritage and partnership with the Red Cross.  At the heart of the design for the strategic plan is financial sustainability.

Central in the strategy is to give a direction for how we approach the mission of making education a uniting force.

Please click here for the full edition of  UWC RCN Strategy 2020.


I regard it as
the foremost task
of education
to insure the survival
of these qualities:
an enterprising curiosity,
an undefeatable spirit,
tenacity in pursuit,
readiness for
sensible self denial,
and above all,

Kurt Hahn