Please - have some tea!Following the successful event, student Blessing Chirimbani writes:

The long-awaited 2015 African Bazaar and Show finally came to RCN on Saturday, 21st March. It attracted a large audience of host families, mottak visitors, friends of the College, Haugland visitors and the community of the RCN.  A lot of hard work,  long evenings and cooperation went into the event. There had been a wonderful video trailer, and a series of adverts had been posted around campus to publicize the upcoming show, all to make sure a lot of people were aware of this grand day. The publicity also served to put a lot more pressure on the participants to performit to the best of their abilities and make the day a success!

The day was blessed with sunny weather which made the Bazaar even better. With the collaboration of some of our mottak guests, stands were set-up outside and also inside classrooms to showcase the diversity of the continent of Africa from the different perspectives of individual countries. There followed a scrumptious dinner with varied dishes which were tastes from the different countries – leaving people happily satisfied and yearning for more. The show came right after the dinner and it was an amazing showcase of talent from within the student body with songs, acting and dances.

The show was a collaboration of different groups from every part of the College and we give special acknowledgement to Barbara and Daniel Toa-Kwapong  for being the driving force behind the spirit and enthusiasm of the African Show.

Click here for a collection of images from the day.