Foundation Programme Students

Foundation Programme Students

UWC RCN’s summer campaign 2017 raised a full scholarship worth 300.000 NOK. As a result, Omar from Western Sahara is supported in the Foundation Year Programme, 2017. We are thankful to those alumni and friends of the College who contributed to creating this opportunity for Omar. Post-RCN, Omar would like to work as a programmer, preferably in the green sector.

At the heart of the education UWC RCN provides is deliberate diversity. In line with this, we are asking for support for a Foundation Year for students from conflict / refugee / underprivileged backgrounds who are not fully prepared to take on the IB diploma programme in two years either due to disrupted learning or limited English. For more information about the Foundation Year Programme please click here.

Our fundraising priority is to prepare students recruited from marginalised backgrounds, through the Foundation Year Programme. The donation is matched by an equal amount from the UWC Davis Impact Programme. For every pound, dollar or krone our supporters give, we receive two. As a result, it will create another full scholarship for the next school year. Your support is key to empowering these students so that they benefit fully from the education we provide.

Online donations can be made below.

We turn to alumni and friends to seek support for our work in enabling all our students to succeed.

All gifts will be matched by an equal amount from the UWC Impact programme.
For every krone you give, we receive two.

There are several easy ways to send money.

1. Online

   a) For a link to our gofundme pages click here for Foundation Year donations;
click here for Campus Renovation donations.

   b) Use Vipps to 110433.  Search for: Stiftelsen Røde Kors Nordisk United World College

   c) Payment by a credit card via secure PayPal

For directions to use Norwegian Paypal, click the thumbnail.



For recurring donations



For single donations

   d) For UK taxpayers.

One method of donating in a tax-efficient way in the UK is to use our ‘UWC Red Cross Nordic Alumni and Friends’ Scholarship’ page – click here for access.

For further information on how to donate in other tax-efficient ways in the UK, please email:

2. Bank Transfer.

Please indicate that the transfer is for the UWC Red Cross Campaign 2017 Fund.

Account Name: Red Cross Nordic United World College
Account Number: 3700 15 02744
IBAN: NO39 3700 15 02744
Swift code: SOFJNO22
Bank: Sparebanken Sogn og Fjordane, 6800 Førde, Norway

Donation in Norway, deduction of taxation

UWC Red Cross Nordic has an arrangement with the tax authorities that makes gifts from Norwegian citizens and residents who tax in Norway deductible for tax. The lower limit for a single donation is 500 NOK.

For more info on tax deductible gifts in Norway, click here.

Norwegians can also use Vipps to make donations. Please search for Stiftelsen Røde Kors Nordisk United World College.

If you have any questions about making donations, please contact us at:

Every gift really makes a difference and is vital to our success. Your support will have an immediate impact on the life of a student.