The Board members of UWC Connect are pleased to announce the appointment of Elisabet Bøe to the position of Daily Leader of UWC Connect following a selection process – and she has written today to accept the position.

Elisabet currently work as the Climate Coordinator at Sogn og Fjordane County Administration and lives in Bygstad with her husband and two children.

She will start work full time at the College from Monday 19th October – and will be visiting campus on a regular basis between now and October to meet and work with the team and to see some of UWC Connect’s activities (including summer camps and Leirksule) in action.

Joakim will continue in the role of acting Daily Leader up until October and will then take up his former position in the Outdoor Department.

Elisabet wrote of herself: ‘I am a firm believer in individual and collective learning as a driver for sustainable development and I consider the UWC facilities to be a highly appropriate arena to achieve this’.

We look forward to welcoming Elisabet in the autumn to UWC Red Cross Nordic