Preparing the herb gardenTwo 3rd year students from Sogn Jord og Hagebruksskule, Aske Tangen and Une Strømme  spent their practice week from 7th – 10th April at the College as part of the cooperation between our two schools. The students chose classes to visit, and worked with College students during our campus cleaning service.

Aske and Une kindly offered to prune trees and bushes around the College, which  was possible as new growth isn’t yet underway due to the cold April weather. Most importantly, they started to plan a small-scale organic agricultural activity in small areas around the College and at ‘Miklagard’,  a nicely located area near the College. We aim to incorporate farming activities that could be run by Aurland graduates as volunteers, with the participation of RCN students. While waiting for the feasibility plan, we will work on the herb garden Aske and Une started to build near the kitchen. We hope to finish this by Earth Weekend in two weeks time.