The UWC RCN quarterly board meeting was held in Copenhagen last Friday. Members of the Board and Central Management Team were first given a guided tour of Copenhagen International School by two IB Diploma students – Tess (Denmark / Australia) and Kvitva (Ukraine) – with an opportunity to meet the Director and Head of Communications for a Q & A.

The Board meeting was held at the UWC Denmark office and followed by a reception for RCN supporters. This was the last Board meeting attended by Oliver (Estonia), our student Board Rep; he has made a superb and important contribution over the past year.

Larry, as Rektor of RCN, and Torkil Olrik, as Chair of the Danish NC, took the opportunity to sign a new Memorandum of Understanding as part of our Nordic cooperation.

Thank you to Kid Erhardt (in charge of the UWC Denmark office) and Hans Lindemann (Vice Chair of the RCN Board) for coordinating and hosting the visit.