Since the early years of the College, there has been a strong co-operation with partners in China, not the least fostered by our founding Director of Development, Magne Bjergene. Today our students taking Chinese as a foreign language display strong motivation and performance – which is also reflected in this year’s examination results. Through the Confucius Institute Bergen we receive highly competent subject teachers.

At the start of the new term we received a visit from alumnus Mark Wang and our former teacher Xiaohang Sumner. Mark is currently the Chair for UWC Changshu China, which has received preliminary approval to start up in 2015. Xiaohang Sumner is Director General. They have both worked with dedication for the establishment of this UWC for many years. During their visit they emphasized the active support they have received from Norway over the years. The plans they presented in our auditorium promise some very exciting years ahead for this work to make education a force to unite people.