Three of our students – Thupten Dorji (Tibet), Karma Choedak (Tibet) and Karma Gurung (Nepal) recently attended the inauguration of Karma Tashi Ling Buddhist Temple in Oslo. Here is their report:

Outside Karma Tashi LingThe trip to Oslo was spectacular; we saw and felt three seasons in eight hours of driving! After crossing fjords and passing through the world’s longest tunnel we reached the cottage where we would be staying, which was located in Drøbak – a pretty town about thirty minutes away from Oslo. We were able to visit various local places of interest and we also came across an international food festival where we met three Tibetan women selling traditional dumplings – a surprise and a pleasure!  We also visited the Karma Shedrup Ling Retreat Centre and the Paramita Centre in Oslo.

According to the Tibetan calendar the 2nd of June was an auspicious day and so it was chosen for the inauguration of the new building at Karma Tashi Ling – which was also celebrating its 40th anniversary. We helped the organizers to arrange the shrine and we also guided people from the main gate to the main shrine hall. In the main shrine only invited distinguished guests and delegates were allowed inside for the ceremony –fortunately, we were given a place. The main guests were: Jetsun Khandro Rinpoche; Ringu Tulku Rinpoche (Rinpoche translates as  ‘Precious human being who reincarnates again and again to benefit all sentient beings’ in Tibetan); the Norwegian Minister of Culture, the Head of the Church of Norway and delegates from Buddhist centres in Europe. Altogether there were around 400 people, including monks from Tibet, Thailand and Vietnam, at the temple for the ceremony. There were speeches from distinguished guests and delegates and, after the ceremony there were also musical performances and Tibetan traditional dances in the courtyard of the temple. We were blessed by the two Rinpoches, and we felt blessed.

We would like to thank our College chef, Peter Schønen, who is a member of the Karma Tashi Ling Society, for inviting us to join this spectacular inauguration of a Buddhist temple. This Tibetan Buddhist temple is the first of its kind in the whole of Scandinavia – a symbol and platform for all Buddhists to come together for seminars, rituals and religious conferences.

Thank you to the College for making it possible for us to attend this event.