Being the winners of the annual Chinese Bridge competition (Norway Division), two 2nd year UWC RCN students – Ines Söderström (Finland) and Daniel Rey Rosas (Colombia) – will represent school students in Norway who are learning Chinese by participating in the finals to be held in Kunming, China from 16th October to 1st November 2015.

The Chinese Bridge competition, organized by the Confucius Institute, includes three different groups of contestants – university students, middle school students, and foreign students studying in China. It has become an important platform for foreign students to learn Chinese language and learn about China in general: it also provides a bridge for exchanges between youth around the world.

The contestants first compete for the preliminary stage of the competition in their respective countries, with winners then invited to China to participate in the final stages. This competition in Kunming will be the 8th event of the middle school group, in which 400 contestants from 80 countries will participate. The competition will consist of three aspects — Chinese culture (written test), Chinese speech, and a talent show. The winners will receive a scholarship to study in China. The different themes and a variety of cultural activities will be arranged by Chinese organizers during the contestants’ stay in China.

Congratulations to Ines and Daniel for winning an invitation to this year’s Chinese Bridge competition in October – and good luck for the next stage. Thank you also to our Chinese teachers from the Confucius Institute who have supported the participation of RCN students in this annual competition.