We are very pleased to announce that students from the College won first and second prizes in the 2015 Chinese Bridge Speech competition on 9th May in Bergen. The competition was sponsored by the education section of the Embassy of P.R.China in the Kingdom of Norway and organized by the Confucius Institute in Bergen. In the secondary school competition, first year students Ines Söderström delivered a prepared speech called, ‘My Three Chinese Friends’  and Daniel Rey Rosas gave the speech with the title ‘China in my Eye’. Then, for the talent show section, Ines and Daniel performed a funny short play ‘The Test of a Girlfriend’. There were 14 candidates from Bergen, Oslo and Trondheim taking part in the middle school group competition. Ines won the first place and Daniel the second place due to their outstanding performance and fluency. Ines will represent Norway when she participates in the final competition which will be held in Beijing in October 2015. Congratulations to both students – and to their teacher, Shiyi Fan .