COP21 Paris Summit

The eyes of the world are on Paris where the negotiations at the UN Climate Summit are aiming to cut emissions to stop global warming exceeding a +2°C level when compared to pre-industrial levels.

Communities, NGOs, political parties all across the world joined forces and brought hundreds of thousands of people onto the streets to protest in favour of a strong deal that will see a swift transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

RCN  was part of this unprecedented global action with about 100 people from Fjaler Kommune, including about 40 RCN students, marching with candles in the streets of Dale in the November rain. The keynote speaker was the leader of the local Green Party, Mark Taylor. The participants listened to speeches from all over the world – the College brought speakers from the Maldives, Vietnam, Tibet and Malaysia. Great to see the Environmental Pillar of the College flourishing!

Thank you to all who participated.