UWC Red Cross Nordic, the Norwegian Glacier Museum and 4H successfully applied to the Naturlige Skulesekken for a climate education pilot project. The project leader is the Glacier Museum.

Our institutions have a common understanding on the importance of climate change although we have different but equally successful educational approaches in the field. The three partners decided to gather their efforts and harmonise their climate educational skills in order to provide local high schools with a climate educational package that enables Norwegian students to gain a better understanding of the science behind and the global effects of climate change and the possibilities ahead for tackling global warming. UWC Red Cross Nordic has an important role in the project: with our international students we would like to develop an eye-witness programme that gives an insight for Norwegian students into climate change effects all over the world.

The programme starts in the autumn of 2015 and finishes in 2016 with a full programme for our pilot school, Firda Vidaregåande Skule.