UWC Red Cross Nordic, the Norwegian Glacier Museum and 4H successfully applied to “den Naturlige Skolesekken” for a climate education pilot project. The first programme in the pilot project was a Climate Eyewitness Workshop at RCN. The workshop was organized by six of our students, coming from five different continents and was delivered for a class from Firda Vidaregåande Skule in Sandane. The workshop aimed to give a global perspective about climate change for Norwegian students through hearing different stories from all over the world and learning about how to make responsible, climate-friendly decisions in their personal life.

At the beginning of the workshop RCN students gave a presentation about climate change in general and its effects on their continents and home countries: Maldives, Morocco, Italy, Canada and Chile. After the discussion the students learned about possible solutions and heard about the Paris Climate Summit in 2015 in this context. The visitors from Firda made their own carbon pledges in groups, finding their on their own solutions, as the countries did in Paris.

At the end of the workshop all participants was awarded a ‘Certified Climate Eyewitness Diploma’.

The next step of the pilot project is a trip for the Firda Vidaregåande class to the Norwegian Glacier museum with the 4H organization. We believe this complex education programme gives comprehensive knowledge about climate change that students can use in their everyday life.

(Photos by Paula Bustamante RCN ’15-’17)