Last Saturday some of our students participated in the celebration of International Children’s Day and the “Colourful Førde” World Food Festival at Førdehuset.

A group of Nordic-speaking students helped host the children’s activities, which were led by professionals. Another group of our students accompanied children from local mottaks (centres for asylum seekers) to the various activities. The smaller kids enjoyed Moroccan music, dance and yoga groups while the older could try out folding origami birds or learning dance steps in Michael Jackson style with Herbie Scarbie, who also visited our theatre students at the College earlier in the week. There was also a chance to learn a little song with beautiful and colourful Indonesian musical instruments.

Daniel and helpers

Daniel and helpers

Barbara and Daniel Toa-Kwapong and their talented students served delicious Western-Saharan rice, peanut soup, doughnut-like pastry, Nepalese tea and even sushi made fresh in the DROP corner of the main food hall. It was a fine adventure to walk around the tables full of Asian, African and European specialties and pick something from here, something from there.

The DROP group was exhibiting and selling souvenirs from around the world, among them beautiful paintings made by Hungarian Roma children from the Realpearl Foundation.

In addition to this, students from the College performed on the main stage, entertaining a packed room with Balinese and Indian dances and a song sung by Daniel, our first year from Nigeria, accompanied by Thata from Indonesia on guitar.