Each year, RCN is asked to put forward four second-year nominations for the Davis-Mahindra International Scholarship. In essence, this is recognition of an outstanding contribution throughout the RCN programme and something for the CV. The following students have been nominated in the past three years:

2012-3: Christine Blandhol (Norway) and Abdul Tabish (Afghanistan)
2013-4: Nkanye Gumpo (Zimbabwe) and Augusto Bravo Ballón (Peru)
2014-5  Elizabete Romanovska (Latvia), Jasmine Tan (Singapore), Pedro Manuel (Angola) and Sara Löwgren (Sweden)

We have again been invited to nominate four outstanding current second years.

The Selection Criteria is set by the Davis-Mahindra Foundations / International Office and each Davis-Mahindra International Scholar should:

  • Be a proven leader of high character
  • Be a very motivated high achiever
  • Have great potential

Advisors were invited by the university office to nominate students from their advisor groups they felt met the selection criteria. The Education Management Team and the University Office have read and discussed the advisor nominations, students’ testimonials / transcripts and records of progress – and considered the criteria set. It has been a predictably difficult decision given the quality of our student body.

We are pleased to announce that the following students have been nominated this year to represent RCN as Davis-Mahindra International Scholars:

Blessing Chirimbani (Zimbabwe)
Dylan DeMarco (USA)
John Lihasi (Kenya)
Sophia Hejndorf(Denmark)