Prime Minister Erna Solberg with student, Chat.

This, year’s annual Mandela Lecture was given by Evelin Lindner in our auditorium March 29th, on the theme – From Humiliation to Dignity: for a Future of Solidarity. Equality in dignity was a central concept in Evelin’s address to the students, or to use a Norwegian term: Likeverd. This both resembles and is opposed to the concept of a dignitary, someone you subject yourself to. At the same time we had a group of 15 volunteers and participants at Ridderrennet, an event in the spirit of Likeverd, for joint athletic achievements and companionship. On completion of the final race, our two participants, Chat (Cambodia) and Hannah (Liberia) received their congratulations from Prime Minister Erna Solberg. Equality in dignity on and off campus.

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