During the workshopAs part of our College’s partnership with the Norwegian Red Cross, we host different types of workshops, lectures and activities led or supervised by the Norwegian Red Cross in order to introduce Red Cross values and principles to our students. On Thursday 20th of November, as one of the activities offered for those on campus during November break, the College hosted a workshop run by Pål A. Dahl, a member of the Sogn og Fjordane Red Cross. The topic, Disaster Preparedness, was taught by exploring concepts such as capacity and vulnerability through interactive discussions that encouraged students to share their perspectives and experiences; and evaluating theoretical cases in order to see how we can improve the College preparedness for any potential hazard.

The workshop focused on: building capacity, personal preparedness, emergency plans, mapping risk and vulnerability. This enabled students to have a better understanding of related concepts, comprehend how to plan an emergency response and learn how to prepare for different types of hazards. This was a stimulating training course which served to introduce the 16 students present to disaster preparedness, an essential part of the Red Cross – both in Norway and in other parts of the world.

Thank you to Avis Rolfe, RCN’s Red Cross Coordinator, and Hilde Genberg for setting this training opportunity up for us – and to the SoF team for making it happen.

Abdul Abo Shokur (RCN ’17 Syria & Sweden)