Judit, Børje Møstre and Jelena

To mark Earth Day this year, we have had a special focus on plastic pollution.
The day started with a lecture by Børje Møstre about In The Same Boat, a programme where young volunteers from all around the world live on a boat for a period of time to clean the west coast from plastic and other trash.

The documentary Before the Flood was screened and created lively discussions. With locally grown seaweed pesto as a snack, together with fresh cinnamon buns, we managed to create a cozy atmosphere in spite of the environmental dangers we are challenged with and had been discussing.

For the session on creating natural face masks, one of the organisers (Daniel from Denmark) took a quick jump into the fjord to take mud to provide some of the necessary ingredients, to which were added fruits and honey.

We also had a photography session – looking at nature combined with a tree hugging competition! It was a day of reflection and fun activities – linked to the urgency of providing a sustainable future for our earth.