Over the past fortnight, Ed Love (a doctoral candidate in Egyptology at St. John’s College, Oxford) has been on a teaching internship at RCN. He has been visiting classes, contributing to our extra academic programme and has been helping students with advice on how to craft personal statements for university applications – and on one of the last evenings, he gave an outstanding presentation on the wonderful world of Egyptology to a group of over 40 students and staff.

Ed wrote the following after his internship:

I am glad to have an opportunity to share how grateful I am for the warm hospitality extended to me by both staff and students throughout my near fortnight at RCN. Being welcomed into your unique community, partaking in your classes, and sharing stimulating conversations with you all in the kantina made my time in Flekke deeply rewarding. Once again, I was astounded and humbled by the diversity of experience, enthused by the intelligence of discussion, and excited by the variety of aspirations exhibited by the student body, and I thank you all for letting me into your own worlds during my visit. Whether on stage in front of Queen Sonja, in the classroom in front of your teachers, or on the football pitch in front of your cheering housemates, the range of talents and robust sense of UWC community exhibited by you all was a joy to experience. I wish you all a fulfilling and productive academic year, and also wish those of you making University applications – whether to the UK or elsewhere – every success. Rest assured that for as long as

[my wife] Angelika and I remain there, you will always have friends in Oxford.