On Tuesday night, students and staff organised a surprise ‘farewell and thank you’
for Kåre sandvik, who is retiring. There were songs from students and staff, and the performances were introduced, in Nynorsk by students from Kåre’s class. Here is what Larry said:

Kåre with his Nynorsk students

Kåre with his Nynorsk students

Kåre conveniently chose to take a sabbatical year which coincided with my arrival as Rektor at RCN. However, I soon became used to seeing Kåre flitter in and out of the corridor of Upper Admin – usually at great pace on a photocopying errand or putting a poster up at the entrance which advertised an approaching concert.

It was then that I became acquainted to and accustomed to his distinct, original, and undebatable sartorial style – the red jeans and red shirt combination sported as a popular favourite, the yellow neon look in true Norwegian style for the cycle ride home, and my absolute favourite – the matador’s suit which comes out on special occasions.

Staff serenading Kåre

Staff serenading Kåre

Kåre, you bring colour, laughter and a true sense of UWC values to our campus. You have fired the imaginations of generation after generation of students here at RCN in the fields of music and Nynorsk and – to the great appreciation of all – you have tirelessly supported cultural shows and external performances.

It came as no surprise to discover you at the top of a ladder in the auditorium just before midnight on the evening before the graduation ceremony. You have also been a wonderful contributor to the Nordic Pillar, giving our students an insight into Norwegian culture and traditions – from the 17th May celebrations to the Nordic Studies programme.

You have been a committed and caring advisor to many students and a promoter of the importance of connecting with the local community.

Not many of you will know that Kåre was the son of a Rektor and grew up in a school / folkehøgskole – this, in part, has I am sure contributed to his wisdom in terms of understanding the special dynamic and nuances of a residential school.

So now Kåre you have taken on a new challenge – an intercontinental commute between Flekke, centre of the universe, and Los Angeles. From us all, good luck with this adventure – we know that you will forge new friendships, will take the musical world by storm with your talent, creativity and rather eccentric dress sense.

And we know that for much of each year, you will be close by and will, on occasion, drop by to help with a musical event or to share your expertise. However, the staff video for Faculty Frolics in 2017 will not be the same without you.

Kåre – to thank you for all the times you have supported student events and ridden to the rescue, the students have prepared a little farewell performance for you. Arne, self-appointed staff poet laureate and lyricist, has composed a little something for the occasion and I am certain Pete ‘the voice’ Wilson will be featuring in some – if not all – of the acts given his recent form in the Faculty Frolics.

The 'farewell' card that staff gave to Kåre

The ‘farewell’ card – from staff to Kåre

Tonight the logistics, technical support and back stage crisis management are in the hands of those you have carefully trained – and, we are here tonight in the Høegh so there’s no chance of the stress-inducing auditorium projector thwarting our plans for entertainment!

With all our hearts, we wish you and the wonderful Solgunn all the very best for the future.

Richard D A Lamont
2nd June 2015