The field trip to island of Svanøy (“Sunnfjords Perle”) – and its “Norwegian Deer Centre” – is a highlight of our annual year’s end. This time in perfect weather.

During the boat trip, the Biology students took oceanographic measurements and samples of plankton. On Svanøy, during the lowest tides, they scattered on the beautiful rocky shore studying ecological niches of algae and animal species. Each student engaged in an individual investigation. Some went to the shore during low tide at 4 in the morning to take additional measurements or check their marked snails. Others lingered in the field lab for hours studying the plankton with microscopes (and some played cards, too). The “Dream Team” of five volunteer students and four staff put up and took down tents, warmed up and served all the meals.

Dear deer

Johan Trygve Solheim, the leader of the Deer Centre gave us two interesting and practical presentations. He shared from his personal experience and insight – and challenged some established views. His first presentation was about the small island community struggling to keep their population and to live sustainably. During the Deer workshop next day, Trygve gave essential information on deer farming, with a focus on sustainability and ethical treatment of animals – while those animals freely mingled and allowed caressing by fascinated students.


In the evening, everybody contributed two hours of “dugnad” (voluntary communal work) – a kind of exchange for free use of the Centre’s facilities: clearing up some cut wood. On the last day, one group went hiking over the island’s top, another group walked with Rannveig Solheim across the island to explore the historical buildings, a small group went diving and the rest enjoyed the sun and swimming in the sea.

As we watched Trygve, Rannveig, their tractor and emerald bay getting smaller from the departing boat, we were followed by (and cheered to) Trygve’s drone.

See the video on the Deer Centre’s facebook page here or here.

For an album of photographs, click here.