Larry at LPC with Yazhi, and members of the LPC community

Larry with Yazhi and other members of the LPC community

In November 2014, an RCN delegation attended the Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting in Hong Kong and we were invited to meet Yazhi Pang (a first year at UWC LPC) and the staff team that supports her – given our experience of working with students with disabilities and our Survivors of Conflict Programme. When meeting Yazhi, we invited her to attend the RCN Summer Course in July / August 2015 – as we thought this would provide her with an opportunity to improve her English and to connect with other UWC students.

Yazhi attended the Summer Course and has just left for China. She very much enjoyed taking on the challenge of hiking and archery:

In my experience, I went hiking with a classmate and a volunteer .This was a great challenge for me. Some slopes were so high and slippy that I needed their hands for support. When we walked in the middle of the high slope, I wanted to give up immediately. However, I held on consistently and persistently and arrived at the top of mountain. I stood on the top of mountain and looked down: blue peaceful sea and green straight trees. I breathed fresh air with grass and the smell of soil.The wind came to kiss my face. After then, a few cute sheep jumped and jumped on the top of mountain. I will not forget this experience.

In our activity, I like archery so much. We need pay attention to the aim and use big strength to shoot. First time, the arrow took off from my bow when I started to shoot. And then the bow touched my left arm and it felt very painful but I wanted to continue. I shot my bow and I told myself “never say never”.  After activity, I recognized that perseverance was a good spirit for me.

We wish safe travels and good luck with her second year at LPC – we have very much enjoyed having her on campus and thank the Chinese NC and LPC for supporting this experience. She wrote a final reflection on her time here at RCN:

The foots of time never stop moving. I came to Norway for three weeks and I will leave here and back my country. As Peter

[Summer Course Director] asked me: “Are you a little sad?” I nodded and answered: “Yes!” I looked out of the window and stared at my friends when I sat in his car. “Good-bye my friends! I hope you have an infinitely bright future !” my heart said.