In the past year we have had lots of exciting, new initiatives for fundraising for College programmes, from an art exhibition with proceeds of sales going to the RCN scholarship fund to a Garage sale coordinated by leaving staff. Below are two examples of some donations that have recently been received:

  • Two alumni (Kasia from Poland and Ezequiel from Argentina – RCN 2007-2009) very generously decided to ask their wedding guests not to give them gifts but to donate to the College’s Foundation Year programme;
  • Last week, a group of fishermen on the River Flekke met Hilde and two students from RCN’s Survivors of Conflict Programme, Hari (Nepal, 2016-2019) and Yeison (Colombia, 2012-2105 and back for the Lion’s Camp on campus) – and decided to make a group donation to the next generation of Survivor of Conflict students.

Please do contact us if you would like to raise money / make a contribution to supporting students at RCN. Mostak (Bangladesh) on, our Alumni and Development Officer, would love to hear from you.

Any donation you make is matched by the Davis Impact Fund.

Your support is much appreciated.