Climate Change Adjustment 2017, is an annual conference held for the development of responses to climate change and green technology. The conference connects the world of scientific research with Norway’s political and corporate landscape for a more sustainable future.

Elias (Norway) and Yash (UAE) from RCN took part in the conference on the 30th and 31st of August. On the first day they were part of the youth seminars on the everyday effects of climate change. One topic was the hidden carbon footprint of electric cars. The students met Carlo Aal, a leading climate scientist in Norway and they participated in debates about measurements that would slow down climate change. In a documentary, one man was shown trying to do his part in what is required; it highlighted the difficulties in establishing a low-carbon lifestyle and posed questions about whether research and technological improvement is the way to go. Elias and Yash held a presentation on the current effects of climate change, sharing experiences of some UWC students.

On the second day the Western Norway Research Institute and others from Sogn & Fjordane County held presentations. Methods for the local regions in adjusting to the effects of climate change were discussed. Elias and Yash got an insight into the logistics of clean energy production and facilitation locally, and the ongoing efforts to reduce carbon emissions in, for example, transport. It all ended with an informative political debate and made an interesting finale for our students as they got a glimpse of local networks and their attempts to contribute to solving this global crisis.