Global Concern Days at the College use invited guest speakers, workshops and student-developed projects to broaden and deepen the understanding of participants about a particular issue. On October 27th, we had the Humanitarian Global Concern. With two months of planning by the organizing team of the students, supervised by the staff, the day focused on the theme of ‘Children of War and Crime’.

The organizing team invited four guest speakers –  Jostein By (the Rotary Head from Førde), Kirsti , from the A21 campaign, Gunnar Kartveit (Regional Consultant, Kirkensnodhjelp) and Anders Thorheim (Oslo Red Cross office) who was here to talk on International Humanitarian Law as part of the requirement for the Red Cross Diploma. It was good to have these speakers who added their professional expertise and knowledge to the day by leading presentations and workshops.

During lunch time, the whole student body participated in a role-play poverty banquet. Students were divided into low, middle and higher class: the lower class was served porridge, while the high class – only 25% of the students – feasted on chicken and pesto pasta. Though not exactly fun at the time, the lunch served as a successful reminder to us all of how many people struggle for food on a daily basis.