Is RCN Ecologically Sustainable?

The theme of the autumn-term Global Concerns Day at RCN was “Is UWCRCN sustainable?”.

We welcomed some guests – both students and staff – from Aurland Jord og Hagebruksskule and from Fylke. The day started with a musical breakfast and plenary presentations from the guests and staff. That was followed by a variety of workshops; How sustainable RCN is at the moment in terms of energy, food and waste and what can be improved in both the short- and long-term. Some creative and futuristic solutions were presented and discussed. The guests lead three workshops on organic farming and composting. One group spent most of the day in the rain building a compost box.

There was also a lively Ecological Fair where the attendees were able to measure their ecological footprint; they measured the energy their gadgets consume; planted a “pet plant”; listened to plant music; ate algae soup; watched innovative videos; discussed future eco-structures at RCN; and tasted wonderful organic fruits and vegetables from the Aurland skule. In the afternoon there was a series of meetings with the Aurland guests and some local farmers about the future cooperation in terms of providing RCN with organic food.

Many thanks to all who contributed so enthusiastically to the day, and especially to those who attended the day as guests and workshop leaders.