What would students do without Mom`s heart-warming soup or Grandma’s home remedies? The Green Thumbs EAC winter term project answers these questions for the RCN community.

The Green Thumbs is an environmental EAC that approaches sustainability from a practical angle and gives an insight into what makes a sustainable and healthy lifestyle for students. In the dark winter season when students can’t take part in activities such as gardening, mushrooming, fishing or exploring edible plants around the campus, the EAC members decided to create an online space where they can share their healthy recipes, nutrition tips and home remedies that could be useful and interesting for RCN residents – and anyone else who might read the articles!

The blog will be updated weekly and will give simple, sustainable, affordable solutions for some of the challenges of student life – issues like flu-bugs, tiredness, stress or just the simple need for some home-made treats.

The blog is available here.