The topic of the recently held Group 4 Project was ‘A Study of Rocks in and around Haugland & Flekkefjord’.

The programme had three distinct components. Early in the morning students moved in groups to do an actual site survey of the local area to study the rocks and collect samples.

In the second phase, eleven interesting and probing questions were suggested by the students following which students divided themselves into teams comprising physicists, chemists, biologists to join one of the question groups. The idea was to conduct investigations, experiments and find plausible answers to the question assigned to each team. On completion, they had to organize their findings in the form of a presentation.

In the final round, each time displayed their exhibits and made presentations.

The outcome of the day was salutary as it lead to a better awareness of our immediate surroundings, an appreciation of rocks and the science inherent in the formation, properties, weathering, and their many uses in the journey of civilizations.

Presenting the findings

The opportunity to work in mixed teams developed an insight of working in teams to develop a project report. The importance of collaboration, delegation, information gathering, synthesizing, analysing and presenting a report effectively was also learnt in an effective way during the day long activity.

All in all – a great success!