Juana Mélendez Martos and Edson Cadenillas Ñaccha (current RCN students from Peru) have taken the initiative to raise awareness about the serious floods that have affected Peru in recent weeks. The flooding is causing serious problems for many people who have lost their homes, and many houses have severe water damage. In some areas there is no electricity or internet, and the price of goods has increased significantly, so access is limited for those who cannot afford it. Sections of roads have been destroyed so transportation is very disrupted.

The Peruvian Red Cross is raising funds in order to assist the people who need it, and Juana and Edson have started to collect money that we can send to the Red Cross. The Knitting EAC is selling socks, hats, and other things they have made. The money collected at RCN’s gammaldans last week is also being donated. After Easter Break, our Peruvian students will host the cafe for the Sustainable Music EAC concert. All monies raised will be given to the Peruvian Red Cross who are responding on the ground to this crisis.

For more information on the current situation in Peru, please click here.