The celebrations of our 20th anniversary were crowned with Her Majesty Queen Sonja’s visit on a day of beautiful early autumn sunshine. The Queen took her time as she moved around the College talking and listening to many students on her route. The National News on NRK focused on her meeting with Melvin Cornejo Gomez (El Salvador) and his way of expressing aspirations for peace.

After a breathtaking student show in the evening her Majesty addressed the College and our many visitors saying, “This must be the best school in the world. In 20 years we must double the number of UWCs!” After the show, as she was taking her motor launch back to the Royal Yacht KS Norge which was moored in the fjord, Queen Sonja was given a spectacular send-off: 200 students stood on the shoreline holding aloft 200 flaming torches singing that anthem for peace, John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’. Unforgettable.

Her Majesty Queen Sonja has been an active supporter of the College and our partnership with the Red Cross since it all began as the seed of an idea more than 20 years ago. Her continued engagement and interest warms us and is a true inspiration in our continued work in promoting education that serves peace.

Click here for an album of photos from the day.