2009 Rafto Prize winner Malahat Nasibova with students

Theresa Aarhus, Vilde Mørch Hobæk and Lene Mortensen from RAFTO provided HR awareness training for our students on Monday September 30th. They visited Global Politics classes and offered two sessions:

  • Democracy Cake – analyzing all ingredients of democratic society
  • Responsibility Cards – looking into social and corporate responsibility for the Human Rights abuses in DRC associated with coltan mining for the production of mobile phones and computer batteries.

All our first-year students were involved in a “Democracy Role Play” that modelled life in a mysterious country where many citizens ended up in prison or disappeared, journalists couldn’t publish freely, lawyers and doctors couldn’t perform their job.

To everyone’s surprise, the mysterious country exists, and behind the characters they played were real people. They were then able to meet the hero of the “Role Play”: Malahat Nasibova  -Azerbaijani journalist, Human Right defender and 2009 RAFTO Prize recipient.

Malahat’s message to our Students was “never give up”, always focus on what people need, share information and continue the struggle.

For an album of photographs from the day, click here.

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