For the second consecutive year, our student-initiated Investment Club has reached the finals of the prestigious investment competition for high school students facilitated by Wharton School of Business of the University of Pennsylvania. The club aim at finding viable alternatives to the current profit-driven investing culture. “It is our belief that returns on investments without impact are, in a sense, mere numbers, whereas returns with visible impact are something of much greater magnitude: change.”

The competition consists of a 3-month trading period. Fifteen out of the approx. one thousand registered teams are selected to take part in the finale. Both years, the RCN Investment Club has generated higher returns than the S&P 500, despite their ethical and sustainable approach.

Herman (Sweden) and Jesper (Denmark), who initiated the club last year, have kept it up in their second year. Again, they qualified as one of the fifteen finalists. As this is during the IB exam period, only the first years will be able to go: Anton (Sweden), Arran (Canada), Ossian (Finland) and Kieren (Malaysia). Good luck to the team and thanks to Jesper, Herman, Kasper (Norway) and Elias (Norway) who were central in getting the team to the final.

In the photograph – from left to right: Herman (Sweden), Jesper (Denmark), Arran (Canada), Anton (Sweden), Ossian (Finland), Kieren (Malaysia), Elias (Norway) and Kasper (Norway)