I graduated from RCN eight years ago, but I feel it’s been only in the last few years that I truly discovered what I experienced and realised how lucky I was, and still am, for those two years in Flekke. Some people have their plans set out even before attending UWC, knowing exactly what they want to do and taking the right steps through college, university and first jobs. I feel very blessed to have had the last eight years full of amazing people, places and different lessons getting me to where I am now.

From Norway I moved to the US to study graphic design – with no previous training or even considering it as a possible profession. At the time I did hesitate, because most of my friends studied economics, political science, law – very ‘UWC’ majors – and a creative course seemed less structured, or as I thought, less ‘useful’. However, after four years of very focused program I feel that rather than only a degree, I earned an actual practical skill, creative on one side, but also very pragmatical and versatile.

I was always interested in different topics from art to history to science and design is applicable to all. To link these interests, I studied for a masters in sustainable design in London with a focus on human-centered design. Human interactions are at the core of everything we do and how we do it is what design looks at.

After working in design jobs, I decided to move from the visual work and joined the UWC International office in London. I started working with the national committees and since the beginning I have been working with the management team and the UWC governance bodies. It’s been a 180 degree switch from how I perceived UWC as a student and alumna and how I understand the movement today. It never stops to amaze me that there are so many dedicated people, from volunteers to admin staff and teachers doing their best so more and more students can experience the transformative ‘UWC moments’.

Thanks to my work and living in one of the biggest alumni hubs, I am in touch with many UWC friends living or passing through London and I am getting married to Ezequiel, my Argentinean co-year next year. We are of course very excited and cannot wait to come back to Norway and Flekke soon!

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